Contract manufacturing and retail display systems manufacturer.

Contract manufacturing services

With over two decades of experience and its own in-house facilities in Poland, Syzan Manufacturing is able to offer comprehensive contract manufacturing, engineering, assembly and logistic services from design to delivery, across all industry sectors. We use and comply with QRM, LEAN, SCM, SCRUM, KANBAN, SMETA, 5S, SMED and TÜV methodologies and certifications.

Retail display solutions

Production of bespoke retail display systems has always been one of the main fields of specialisation in the Company’s offer. Whether based on professional technical drawings or just a client’s vision, we are able to deliver a whole variety of display solutions from simple display stands to complex, bespoke interactive display units, fixtures and fittings. 



Commitment to quality has always been a fundamental part of our business philosophy. We aim to ensure that our products and services meet the needs of our clients at all times in accordance with the regulatory requirements, as well as our own quality policies and procedures.



Reliability and accountability define our approach to delivering our products and services. They are also the basis upon which we aim to build long-term, reciprocal partnerships with our clients.



Over 20 years of experience, know-how and a team of highly-trained professionals help us find optimal solutions to answer our clients’ needs, and ensure that we use most effective and efficient technologies to deliver our services.

Syzan - manufacturing services and contract production in Poland.

One-stop shop for the whole project

Syzan Manufacturing provides the complete project management service including: briefing, calculation, engineering, prototyping, value engineering, order coordination, production, assembly, packing and logistics.

From enquiry to delivery with a dedicated Project Team

Each client is matched to a dedicated Project Team and a Project Manager who ensures that there is regular communication and timely updates on the progress of work throughout the whole project. 

Comprehensive contract manufacturing services

With our experience, know-how, 10 000 square metres of in-house production facilities and technologies including metal laser cutting, CNC metal punching, CNC metal bending, laser profile cutting, laser tube cutting, CNC tube bending, CNC wire bending, welding, powder coating and advanced electro mechanical assembly, we are able to provide our clients with top quality contract manufacturing services while ensuring timely delivery and exceptional quality.

Design and prototyping services in Poland.

Design and prototyping

Our designers and engineers create professional 3D visuals and manufacturing specifications for our production department, turning the concept of a product into a fully functional prototype.

Laser cutting in Poland.

Metal laser cutting

Our versatile laser cutting machines offer a precise, often highly specific cutting shape, while optimising the output from each sheet of material for faster and more cost-efficient production.

CNC metal punching services.

CNC metal punching

High accuracy and speed of CNC punching guarantees exceptional productivity and low cost per unit, making it one of the most important components of the high volume metal manufacturing process.

CNC metal bending in Poland.

CNC metal bending

Most advanced CNC bending machines combined with our experienced operators offer a wide range of sheet metal bending and metal forming services.

Laser profile & tube cutting in Poland.

Laser profile & tube cutting

Thanks to advanced Computer Aided Design and CNC laser technology Syzan Manufacturing is at the forefront of laser profile cutting and laser tube cutting services in component manufacture.

CNC tube bending services in Poland.

CNC tube bending

Syzan Manufacturing offers a wide variety of precise CNC tube manipulation, tube bending and CNC pipe bending services on the latest bending and rolling machines.

CNC wire bending in Poland and Europe.

CNC wire bending

Our 2D / 3D CNC wire bending machines offer a variety of wire forming, wire bending, wirework and many other kinds of wire fabrication services for a diverse range of industries.

Welding services in Poland and Europe.


Thanks to our experienced personnel and professional equipment, we can offer highest quality TIG, MIG, laser and robot welding services, which also include spot welding and stainless steel welding.

Powder coating and metal painting- Syzan.

Powder coating

Powder coating is one of the most popular ways of metal painting. Our 200 m automated powder coating line provides a durable even finish to metal surfaces even on complex metal components.

Glass processing Poland.

Glass processing

We are able to include in the products and components that we manufacture glass elements of various types, according to requirements and specifications provided by our clients.

Plastics processing Poland and Europe.

Plastics processing

Our plastics processing services include compression molding, transfer molding, injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, casting, forging, and plastics machining services.

Woodworking and wood fabrication Poland.

Woodworking services

As an addition to glass and metal fabrication, Syzan Manufacturing offers professional wood fabrication and woodworking services with various types of solid wood, wood-based, as well as, solid surface materials.

Stone processing Poland.

Stone processing

Depending on our clients’ designs and requirements we can offer a range of stone processing services to enrich the manufactured products with various types of stone, used for both functional and decorative purposes. 

Syzan Manufacturing - product assembly.

Product assembly

Syzan Manufacturing has decades of experience and 5000 square metres of dedicated in-house facilities for advanced electro mechanical assembly of products and high-level components for a wide range of various industrial sectors.

Syzan Manufacturing - Packing & dispatch.

Packing & dispatch

With its own in-house packing facilities and cargo fleet Syzan Manufacturing offers packing and delivery services for the products and components it manufactures. Our dedicated Project Managers will liaise with the client to agree delivery times and destinations according to all specific requirements.

Syzan Metal - contract manufacturing.

Case study: Medi Protect

Designed, engineered and made by Syzan Manufacturing, Medi Protect Clean Step is a device which allows users to quickly and conveniently disinfect their shoes. The device is especially useful when returning from public to private spaces, such as home or a hotel room.
Clean Step shoe disinfector is electrically powered. To perform the disinfection process, user puts one of their shoes through the port into the device, where a proximity sensor automatically starts a fully automatic disinfection process, during which the status LED glows red. When the process ends after approximately 5 seconds, the status LED turns white indicating the shoe has been disinfected.

Syzan Manufacturing - contract production Poland.

Case study: Quan Garden Art

Quan Garden Art is a brand comprising outdoor cooking equipment, garden furniture and garden lighting. All of these products were designed and made by Syzan Manufacturing at our production facility in Poland.
The brand and its line of products is a result of a long engineering processand many tests. Building on the structural integrity, practicality andinherent beauty of the products, Quan Garden Art takes the cooking experience to a higher level.
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Retail display solutions

With over 20 years of experience and in-depth expertise we are able to provide our clients with a whole variety of tailor-made retail display solutions - shop fittings and shop fixtures that will display the products in the most attractive and effective way.
At each stage of production of the bespoke shop fittings and shop fixtures our dedicated Project Managers will ensure that all the needs of our clients and project specifications are fulfilled and the client is informed about the progress of the development process.

POS stands

Custom POS stand manufacturing is one of the key components of our offer. With the entire team of experienced professionals, at Syzan Manufacturing we are able to deliver bespoke POS stands that will suit various products and promotions across all industries and locations.

Display cabinets

Retail display cabinets and cases are crucial for shops displaying high value merchandise. Custom retail display cabinets manufacturing services provided by Syzan, create a variety of possibilities to showcase such products in the most attractive, yet secure way.

Retail shelving

Syzan offers manufacturing services of various types of custom shop shelving, including multibrand shelving, retail shelving wall units, gondola shelving and bespoke shelving units for a specific brand or product.

Shop-in-Shop (SIS)

Retail Shop-in-Shop systems manufactured by Syzan are among the most eye-catching, attractive and functional merchandising solutions available on the market. Tailored to clients' demands, our bespoke Shop-in-Shop solutions are ideally suited for sophisticated floor planning.

Interactive display units

Custom interactive display units, interactive in-store displays and touch screen self-service kiosks are designed to captivate the audience and create high-impact experiences among the customers.

Brand stores

Brand store manufacturing is one of the Company’s most important specialisations.
Brand stores use a variety of most advanced retail display solutions to create true connections between customers, brands and their products.

Syzan - manufacturer of retail display systems.

As a manufacturer of retail display systems we work for the best agencies, representing world's most popular brands.
We always ensure to maintain professional discretion and necessary confidentiality of the cooperation and the projects we complete.

Our philosophy

Syzan Manufacturing is a family owned company with a team of 220 experienced professionals, faithful to the values of quality, reliability and expertise built upon experience. We believe in partnership, synergically productive cooperation and long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

Our philosophy has always been based on three fundaments:most advanced technology,Speed-to-Market approach and Human-to-Human relations with our clients.

Eric Zanders Co-founder and CEO

Syzan Metal philosophy.
Syzan Metal - production, assembly and warehouse in Poland


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