Rules & Regulations

1. Services are provided 24 hours a day 7 days a week, available via the Website.2. The Service provider publishes the Rules and Regulations on the Website. Customers may from time to time access the Rules and Regulations, download it, print and save it on a data carrier.3. Information published on the Website does not constitute an offer in the meaning of the law rules, but a call for proposal to establish a contract.4. In order to use the Website, a Costumer needs to have a telecommunication device with access to the Internet, a correctly configured web browser in the latest or previous version of: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera, with enabled JavaScript as well as active.5. A Customer may bear costs while using the Website, such as fees connected with access to the Internet and with data transmission, within the scope arising out of contract with the telecommunication services provider chosen by the Customer.
The Website does not allow the ordering of services.
1. The complaint can be made by letter or email sent to the Service provider's contact or an email address. 2. The Service provider investigates the following complaints within 14 days from receiving it.3. The Service provider informs the Consumer on the manner the received complaint is to be investigated by way of email or traditional mail, depending on the Consumer's will or manner the complaint was made.4. A Consumer holds the right to use the following out-of-court complaint settlement and redress mechanisms: filing a complaint through the European ODR platform, available at the following address, in line with the regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (UE) No. 524/2013 as of 21 May 2013 on online dispute resolution and amendments of the resolution (WE) no 2006/2004 and directive 2009/22/WE.
1. Persons, whose data have been processed by the Service provider, have the right set forth in the Privacy and Cookie Policy.2. Information on the Cookie Files can be found in the Website’s Privacy Policy and Cookie Files.
1. The Service provider grands the Customer using the Website a royalty-free license to be used for his private purpose and enables usage of the Website, without prejudice to other provisions herein.2. The Website’s name, its graphic design, its structure, the Website itself, its source code or the compiled Website, webpages used to run the Website as well as all other documents prepared by the Service provider in order to be published the Website's webpage, including the related works, such as the Rules and Regulations, other documents and messages send in connection with service performance, constitute pieces of work under the copyright. The Service provider does not transfer onto the Customer any author's economic rights to the Website, neither to works that constitute its part, does not grant authorisations regarding disposition of the economic rights to those works or Website or its usage, as well as regarding the accessory rights, non-restricted under the licence conditions.3. The right to use the Website and related work operates on the following fields: saving, playing, accessing and viewing from the telecommunication device's memory in a place and time freely chosen by the Customer.4. Customer must not: rent, lease or resell a piece of work or neither of its parts, create derivatives on its basis, make changes to the works, remove information on ownership rights or copyrights, which may appear within a piece of work, use work in a way that infringes applicable rules of the common law or ethical and moral norms.5. The licence is non-exclusive, time and territorially unlimited and applies to the whole Website and works it is connected with. The Service provider holds the exclusive right to decide on the Website's integrity.6. By publishing any content on the Website’s webpage and especially comments or opinions, the Customer grands the Service provider a free of charge, non-exclusive, territorially unlimited license for an indefinite period of time to use it in the following scope: to publish within the webpage, to save and play within the memory of a telecommunication device in a place and at a time freely chosen by the Service provider, with respect to the right to grant a sublicense, described hereinabove, in order to facilitate Customers usage of the Website.7. The Customer acknowledges that it is forbidden to provide to the Website or through it, the content which:   1. is illegal,   2. misleads other Customers,   3. violates personal rights of the Customers, Service provider or any third parties,   4. is considered as insulting and incompliant with good behaviour, in particular includes pornographic content, content which promotes drugs usage or excessive alcohol consumption, content which promotes racism, xenophobia or hate propaganda.8. The Service provider holds the right to remove or moderate content that infringes provisions of the Rules and Regulations. 
1. The Rules and Regulations enter into force within three (3) days after the publication on the Website's webpage.2. Changes to the legal provisions, as well as technical or organisational changes, concerning the services provided by the Service provider, the technical reasons or the organisational ones that regard services provided by the Service provider, may result in the need to implement modifications to the Rules and Regulations.3. Changes to the Rules and Regulations take place by posting a new versions thereof on the Website's webpage.4. Information on changing the Rules and Regulations is published within the Website's webpage within three (3) days before provisions of the new version enter into force.5. Should the parties be bound by a contract for an unlimited period of time, the Service provider shall email information on the changes to the Rules and Regulations.
1. The meaning of the capitalised terms is in line with their explanation provided in the Definition part of the Rules and Regulations.2. The Service provider does not bear responsibility for:    1. interruptions in proper functioning of the Website or for improper render of services towards Customers who are not Consumers, if the cause was a force majeure,   2. interruptions in proper functioning of the Website and for improper render of Services, provided for the benefit of Customers who are not Consumers, arising out of technical activities or for reasons on the site of entities by means of which the Service provider provides its services,   3. opportunity cost suffered by a Customer who is not a Consumer.3. Should the out-of-court settlement be impossible to solve a dispute between the Service provider and a Customer who is not a Consumer or a Consumer who does not reside in the Republic of Poland in the circumstance allowing for the possibilities provided by the provisions of the Consumer's country laws, the disputes shall be solved by the court having its jurisdiction over the Service provider's seat. 4. In case of Customers who are not Consumers or Consumers who do not reside in the Republic of Poland, should the provisions of their country's law allow it, the governing law for execution of the contract concluded with the Service provider and for dispute resolution arising out of it, shall be the law of the Republic of Poland.5. Provisions of the Rules and Regulations are not intended to exclude or limit the rights under generally applicable laws concerning a Customer who is a Consumer.6. Shall the Rules and Regulations concerning contracts with the Service provider be inconsistent with the generally applicable laws in the Consumer's country, the latter shall apply.7. Should provisions of the Rules and Regulations prove to be null and void or ineffective, the fact does not violate the validity and effectiveness of the rest of the provision therein. The invalid or ineffective provisions shall be superseded by norms applicable to what the parties has agreed or what would have agreed if the provision had been included in the Rules and Regulations.
Consumer means a Customer who is a natural person and concludes contract for reasons not immediately related with the business or professional activity runs by the person. Customer means a natural person who has full capacity to act in law or a limited capacity to act in law in cases regulated by the provisions of generally applicable laws or under condition the statutory representative of the person granted its consent as well as in cases a legal person or an organisational entity does not have legal personality for the benefit of whom provisions of the generally applicable laws grands legal capacity and a contract for rendering Services is concluded with the Service provider.Service provider is SYZAN METAL Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Łódź, Poland (94-030) at the following address 2 Krzemieniecka Street, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under KRS number: 0000720482, NIP (tax identification no): 7272826605 and REGON (statistical identification no.): 369597839, that is the service provider, administrator and owner of the Website. The Service provider can be contacted under the following phone number: +48 42 237 13 22 and the email address: moc.nazys%40ofniRules and Regulations mean contractual terms, object of which are Services rendered by the Service provider for the benefit of Customers in an electronic way, via the Website.Website means the website, run by the Service provider via the webpage, accessible under an URL address: